Family Zone Insights

We’ve partnered with our friends at Family Zone to offer parents free access to Family Zone Insights, allowing you to monitor your child’s online activity and receive alerts on risky behaviour.

What information does Insights provide?

When it comes to kids’ online lives, most parents don’t know what they don’t know. Family Zone Insights opens a window into children’s online lives - creating awareness to support good digital decision-making

You’ll be alerted to any risky or inappropriate online activity and you’ll also be able to locate your children’s devices. Plus, Insights provides you with access to Family Zone’s team of acclaimed cyber experts, delivering you the practical advice and support you need, exactly when you need it.

Monitor your child's browsing

Receive weekly activity snapshots

Cyber safety advice direct from ySafe

Social media & game app reviews from ySafe

Realtime location

Location history

Get started

*Please note: Insights will not block content. It is designed to notify parents in the event that their child accesses risky or inappropriate material, and provide parents with transparency and support resources to discuss and manage the issue with their child.

Activating your Insights account


Sign up for an account

Sign up

Sign up to create your free account and follow the instructions given on the website. Set up a pin code (be sure not to share this code with your children!).


Install the Family Zone app

Download the Family Zone app onto your child's device that you wish to monitor. Follow the prompts for setting up the app.

If you need assistance please contact Family Zone